Cyber Security

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Safeguard your IT services with a security strategy and solution that keeps your business protected

There are threats everywhere online these days, so your IT needs robust defenses to combat it. We can assist with firewalls, data loss prevention, authentication management and more, so that your business-critical data remains protected. Need help with your cyber security? Get in touch today and see the industry-leading value that we provide.

Cloud Security

Enjoy powerful integrated cyber-defense and unmatched threat intelligence via our platform that safeguards users, messaging and web activity across all on-premises and cloud-based systems.

Advanced Threat Protection

Want to feel secure against sophisticated, stealthy online threats? Identify, prioritise, investigate and eliminate advanced threats from a single interface across multiple control points.

Endpoint Security

We provide multi-layer protection to halt all manner of online threats in their tracks. Integrated with your current infrastructure, it allows the relevant response to be provided in good time.

Email Security

Looking for a solution that protects email suites both on premise and in the cloud? We can provide an effective barrier against issues like spear phishing and ransomware to keep your business emails safe.


The number of applications on business networks is growing fast and the firewall solutions we provide enable IT departments to deal with the increased security risks this brings.

Data Loss Protection

We ensure that your sensitive data is protected against an ever-evolving online landscape. Our data loss prevention solutions

allow your compliance & security policies to pervade beyond the boundaries of your network.

Mobile Device Management

In a world that’s ever-more played out on mobile and smart devices, the need to protect your data is increased as a result. Our mobile device management secures your critical information on any device.

Patch Management

We can minimise network weak-spots and improve regulatory compliance with our effective patch management services that can be deployed in a controlled manner to simplify user involvement.

Authentication Management

You only want authorised people accessing your business critical data.  We can deliver the authentication management systems you need to ensure that all users are verified and your resources remain safe.


Yes. Our usual approach is to analyse your business and walk you through a current maturity assessment. This will then help shape the overall Cyber Security strategy that we would define and deliver back to you. 

We would guide you through a current state assessment which will highlight the existing vulnerabilities across your business from a people, process and technology perspective. We would then make the necessary recommendations in priority order. 

Yes. We will continuously monitor your infrastructure internally and externally to ensure that your services are protected. 

Unfortunately no. A capable Cybersecurity plan will contain various processes and technologies that will address all the attack points of your business. Cybersecurity is not only about a piece of software – it is more about behaviour, standards and processes.