IT Strategy and Consultancy

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Bespoke, expert IT advice that’s designed to help your business expand and thrive

Need expert assistance to make improvements to your IT infrastructure but don’t have the budget for an in-house team? Our IT consultancy services can be used for infrastructure audits, project management and anything else you need on an On-demand basis. Whatever your IT consultancy needs, we can provide it all at a budget-friendly cost.

Consultancy & Strategic Recommendations

We will look after you from day one and will always provide the precise input level that the situation calls for. Whether you’re starting from square one, you’re looking for an overhaul of your current setup or you just want some support for your in-house team, we can provide you with what you need.

Effective Project Management

If you want your IT project to deliver results, you need the right manager in place. Our team can assist from the very outset, keeping you completely in the loop on the journey. From getting to grips with your company’s requirements to creating a suitable strategy to helping you with ongoing issues, we can oversee your IT project and step in when you need us to.

Auditing Your Infrastructure

We can only deliver the best possible IT solution when you know what the current status of your IT assets is. We get this information by conducting a thorough audit of your IT and comms systems to highlight any inadequacies or threats to your infrastructure. Using this data, we then create a detailed strategy to ensure your setup is absolutely fit for purpose for your business.

Moving Office?

There are 101 reasons why your business might need to analyse their IT infrastructure and an office move is certainly one of them. Whether it’s a new business, a logistically driven move or a merger, we can help make the relocation process as problem-free as possible. We can put measures into place to ensure that your operational downtime is kept to a minimum.

Need a Virtual IT Director?

Technology moves fast in most industries these days and it’s something that businesses need to keep up with if they want to remain competitive. If you run an SME, you may not have the budget to hire an in-house IT professional to ensure that these new advancements are properly leveraged. We can provide you with a virtual IT director, which  is a great, low-cost alternative that can provide assistance in making important IT decisions and ongoing strategic support.

Performance Reporting & SLAs

We assist with the configuration of your IT team’s SLA rules for service requests and  incidents, also helping with the automation of important tasks to avoid breaches and facilitate timely resolutions.