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The IT Support Superheroes: Saving Small Businesses in London and Essex, One Computer Crisis at a Time

Why is it that whenever you search for IT Support or IT support for small businesses, you always get the same kind of results and web pages?


They all look and sound the same, right?


It’s as if there is a national school of IT Support Web Page Creation where you need to look and sound like you’ve swallowed a tech dictionary with corny pictures of people that don’t exist!?


Stay with me here; we are a little different!

So let’s get the stuff you want to skim read over but also want to make sure we do 🙂


(I’m sure we shouldn’t use emojis in these messages!)


Tell me what IT Support and IT Services You Do - Quickly!


IT Support: Yep! We do that! We live, breathe and eat IT Support, so your small business will (always) be looked after with our personal touch! You see, the entire company must have personality and humour but also know just how important you are and how critical your job is!



Managed Services: Oh gosh! We manage services! We want to manage them so well and deliver you a support service so good that it is in our interest to ensure things don’t take long to resolve! Else it costs you more time and therefore us more time! We WANT to be your IT department.



Cloud Services: We don’t just tell you the Met’s offices’ weather predictions! We also look after your M365, Salesforce, Atlassian, BambooHR, and almost every other cloud service or variation of cloud solutions.



Cyber Security: Your business is super critical, and ensuring it’s safe is our obsessive interest! Why? Well, let’s be brutal! If your business gets compromised by a cyber attack such as ransomware, and it stops you from operating – what good have we been? Without you and your business, we have no customers! So we make it a point to treat YOUR cybersecurity like it’s our own.



Voice & Data: Yep! We do both, so whether it’s your 8×8 services, MS Teams or just standard Landlines with BT or Virgin, we can help support and manage them.



IT Consultancy: Everyone bands this about, don’t they? What does it mean? Well, let us share our take on it. For us, IT consultancy means ensuring we protect and advise you on your IT services and that you are getting more from technology. We don’t wait for you to ask us or leave it till there’s an issue – we want to be ahead of any issues and improvements.



vCTO: This almost sounds like something you put in a Tesla. But nope! It’s way better than that! It’s one of our seasoned and experienced Technologists dedicated and working for you to ensure your business is leveraging tech in the best way possible.



Now that you’ve skim-read let’s cover some of the other things you want to ensure we do!



Do we provide 24/7 small business IT support in London and Essex?

Yep! We certainly do. Teck Genius currently work with over 130 small businesses across London and Essex, and over 90% of them have been with us since they signed! Why? Because your business and custom are our lifeblood! Without you, there is no Teck Genius!


What is the smallest small business we provide IT support to?

Teck Genius work with 2-employee companies through to 800-employee companies. We are fortunate that through our support services and relationships, we always help our customers across all areas of their business once they see we can be a trusted advisor.


How do we cost our IT support services to small businesses?

This is where we excel! How do you want us to cost it? We have a credit service whereby you purchase a set number of monthly hours. If that doesn’t suit you, we work on yearly contracts whereby you have unlimited IT support based on key metrics we agree on (size, scale, etc.)


Do we provide IT support to small businesses in London and Essex only?

Our focus started with small businesses in Essex and London. We have grown by over 400% in the last two years, so we want to ensure we can ALWAYS service our clients with the best possible service! Over 40% of our clients have come to us due to inadequate service from their incumbent. And you know what we do? We let them try us for three months with unlimited remote support, and they can walk away without further cost if we don’t deliver! We always want to give a suitable support service based on YOUR needs.


Do you provide project-based IT services to small businesses?

We can provide your small business with project-based resources. We would work with you to scope and cost what’s needed and can even manage the entire delivery with you or your teams.


IT Support questions Teck Genius has been asked by small businesses
in London and Essex

What types of IT support services do small businesses in London and Essex typically need?


 IT Support services with small businesses have ranged. We have had requests around. Computer network setup, cybersecurity solutions, cloud computing services, data backup and recovery, remote IT support, managed IT services, server management and maintenance, IT consulting services, Hardware and software maintenance, and IT help desk support. It has ranged, but we have always been agile to our customer’s needs.


How can IT support help improve productivity for small businesses?


Well, we take the headache out of your IT. The less time you have to deal with IT, the less time you have to wait due to IT service failures, the more time you will have to focus on your day job and be more productive.


What are the benefits of outsourcing IT support for small businesses in London and Essex?


Lower cost, better IT services, improved SLAs, having a trusted advisor, and overall taking the headache out of IT.


How do I know if my small business needs professional IT support?


That’s a really good question! How much time do you spend dealing with your IT issues? You need professional IT support if the answer is more than 4 hours a week.


What are the most common IT issues that small businesses in London and Essex face?


Small businesses face the following IT issues; cybersecurity, end-user support, cloud adoption, data back and recovery, and ensuring that your overall technology is fit for purpose.


What should I look for when choosing an IT support provider for my small business?

This one needs a longer answer!


When choosing an IT support provider for your small business, here are some factors you should consider


Experience and Expertise: Look for a provider with experience and expertise in supporting small businesses in your industry. You want a provider who can understand your business and provide tailored solutions.


Services Offered: Determine what services the provider offers and whether they align with the needs of your business. Make sure they offer the specific IT support services that you require.


Response Time: Ask about their response time and how quickly they can address issues. You want a provider who is responsive and can provide timely support.


Reliability and Availability: Ensure the IT support provider has reliable and robust systems to support your business needs. Check their availability and make sure they offer support outside of standard business hours.


Security and Compliance: Cybersecurity is critical to IT support, especially for small businesses. Ensure the provider has robust security protocols and adheres to relevant compliance regulations.


Cost: Determine whether the provider’s pricing is transparent and reasonable. Avoid providers who offer prices that are too good to be true, as they may not offer the level of service your business requires.


References and Reviews: Look for reviews and references from other small businesses that have worked with the IT support provider. Ask for references and follow up with them to ensure the provider can deliver on their promises.


Considering these factors, you can find an IT support provider who is a good match for your small business in London and Essex.


How can IT support services help small businesses in London and Essex with cybersecurity threats?


IT support services can help small businesses in London and Essex with cybersecurity threats in several ways:


Proactive Security Measures: IT support providers can help small businesses establish proactive security measures such as firewalls, anti-virus software, and intrusion detection systems to prevent cyber threats.


Regular Security Audits: Regular security audits and vulnerability assessments can identify potential vulnerabilities in your system and help you address them before they are exploited.


Employee Training: IT support providers can provide training on cybersecurity best practices, such as recognising and reporting suspicious emails or avoiding phishing scams.


Data Backup and Recovery: IT support services can help small businesses recover their data and systems quickly in a cyber-attack or data breach.


Cybersecurity Policy Development: IT support providers can help small businesses develop comprehensive cybersecurity policies that outline the company’s approach to data security, user access controls, and disaster recovery procedures.


Compliance Requirements: IT support providers can help small businesses in London and Essex meet compliance requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.


By working with an IT support provider, small businesses can have peace of mind knowing they have comprehensive security measures to protect against cybersecurity threats.


What is the difference between managed IT services and break/fix IT services?


Managed IT services and break/fix IT services are two different approaches to IT support. Here are the differences between them:


Managed IT Services: In managed IT services, a provider offers ongoing IT support and monitoring of a business’s IT infrastructure. This service is typically subscribed, and the provider is responsible for proactively monitoring and maintaining the IT infrastructure. They are responsible for identifying and resolving issues before they become major problems and providing regular maintenance, system upgrades, and patches.


Break/Fix IT Services: In a break/fix IT services, a provider offers support on an as-needed basis and charges for each service or repair performed. This type of service is reactive, meaning the provider only responds when an issue needs to be fixed. They do not provide ongoing monitoring or maintenance of the IT infrastructure.


In short, managed IT services offer proactive and ongoing support for a business’s IT infrastructure, while break/fix IT services offer reactive and on-demand support for individual issues. Managed IT services can help small businesses in London and Essex avoid unexpected IT costs, reduce downtime, and keep their IT systems running smoothly. On the other hand, break/fix IT services can be a more cost-effective option for businesses that do not have a high volume of IT issues or do not require ongoing IT support.


How can IT support providers help small businesses in London and Essex with data backup and recovery?

IT support providers can help small businesses in London and Essex with data backup and recovery in several ways:


Developing a Data Backup Plan: IT support providers can work with small businesses to develop a data backup plan that fits their needs. This plan can include setting up regular backups of critical data, selecting the appropriate backup technology, and ensuring the backup data is stored securely.


Implementing Data Recovery Solutions: In the event of data loss, IT support providers can help small businesses recover their data quickly and efficiently. This may include restoring data from backups, managing offsite backups or using specialized data recovery tools to recover lost data.


Monitoring and Maintenance: IT support providers can monitor the backup and recovery systems to ensure that they function properly and that data is backed up correctly. They can also perform regular maintenance on the backup systems to keep them up-to-date and running smoothly.


Disaster Recovery Planning: IT support providers can help small businesses in London and Essex develop a disaster recovery plan that outlines the steps to take in the event of a significant data loss or another disaster. This plan can include backup and recovery procedures and other measures such as data replication and redundant systems.


By working with an IT support company to establish a data backup and recovery plan, small businesses can ensure they are prepared for data loss or other disasters. They can recover critical data quickly and minimize the impact of data loss on their operations.


If you have made it here, then great! It means we are aligned, and you value the human touch for IT services and IT Support.


Please drop us a note or call us for a no-obligation chat and let’s find out how we can help you.