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Compliment your IT capability with a virtual senior-level IT specialist available on demand

Having available expertise for your technology projects can be expensive with overheads and training to think about. Our virtual expert services allow you to gain access to the knowledge you need exactly when you need it for a much more cost-effective solution. Whatever complex technical issues you need to overcome, we can provide the skills, knowledge and experience you need. 


Technology Leadership

Your vCTO  can help with strategies, compliance & technology consulting in line with your business objectives. They can also help with budget allocation and performance for optimum ROI.


IT Project Management

A vCTO can implement, manage & provide leadership with any type of technology-based project. Facilitating proceedings throughout they can also provide help as part of an on-demand resource.


Software Analysis / Neutral Vendor

Evaluation of proposals, requirement analysis, negotiating contracts and choosing the correct tools for a dynamic, future-proof IT infrastructure are all within the scope for a vCTO.


Technology Assessment

When creating a technology roadmap, you need a deep IT audit. A vCTO can help with your IT assessment and assist you  with selecting the right technology to improve resilience & reduce risk.


Integration of Technology

Your vCTO can help you integrate new technology into your existing IT framework to ensure minimal downtime, a constant flow of data and access anywhere at any time.


Solutions Strategy

We provide vCTO as a service to help all sizes of business make the right decisions based on regulation compliance, emerging  technology standards and all with an eye on efficiency of cost.


Technology Road Mapping

Your vCTO can help to plan, manage, optimise & monitor project lifecycles, timelines and deployments. Along the way, they’ll also facilitate performance checks to ensure optimum ROI.


Cloud Strategy

A vCTO can help formulate cloud strategies for both migration and selection for the optimisation of business-critical processes. Fast adoption with minimal risk for both single and multi-tenant infrastructures in the cloud.


Continuity of Business

Your vCTO can assist you with disaster recovery planning to ensure that your business critical data is protected. Ideal for startups, SMEs and for larger companies looking for help with BCP & continuity planning. 


As part of our goal to be your trusted advisor, we would determine and agree how much time/effort is needed and then offer that service to you on a agreed schedule. So if ewe found that you need 2 days a month of a vCTO than for those two days the resource would be dedicated to you. 

We have found that our clients benefit from Cybersecurity strategy, Operational capability and strategy and general tech-ops help. Our Cloud Advisory service has also become very popular for those that want to adopt the cloud. 

Ranges. We have some clients that have a vCTO 12 days a month on a rolling basis and we have others where we place a CTO Onsite for 3/6/12 months.