Voice & Data

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With VoIP technology, telephone hardware and network solutions, we provide a whole host of voice and data services. 

Want to modernise your company’s communications? We offer hosted PBX, SIP and digital telephony services that are not only more cost-effective, but more flexible and secure. Being able to connect quickly with your team is essential to success and with PSTN & ISDN


Hosted PBX


When you need complex, routing, call queuing, IVR and full switch-board functionality, our hosted PBX services more than fit the bill.


Cutting Edge

SIP Trunk Services

Multi-feature, multimedia communication sessions can be facilitated using our ‘Best-in-class’ SIP trunk services. 


Seamless Voice

& Video Calling

Want to get the absolute most out of Microsoft Teams? We can help you enjoy the complete communications platform and effortlessly manage all of your in-bound and out-bound voice and video calls. 


Yes. We work with a variety of vendors depending on the requirement. For more information please contact us.

Absolutely. M365 is our core competence and we can manage and implement your voice capability.